Honey with Lavender

Honey combined with Lavender is a perfect, heavenly recipe. Use this product on days when you need something special, and wish to celebrate the joy of the moment.

Honey with Walnut & Lavender

We added walnut to our Honey with Lavender product, to offer an alternative to sweets, which can be consumed daily. The walnut and honey combined offer several benefits for our body, brain and soul.

Honey with Mint

We love surprises. Not only when others surprise us, but to surprise others. This is why we created our Honey with Mint product. It is quite a surprise to taste sweet honey and fresh Mint together, even after we tried it a few times.

Honey with Mint & Walnut

Our Honey with Mint & Walnut is a really exciting product, gives you a real energy boost. We like enjoying it when feeling particularly tired or exhausted, and in need of a bit more boost, on top of our usual daily cup of coffee.

Giftbox premium surprise

There are the creators. Those who make sure that the world's simple things are being handed to us as tresures. They dream up special things, which they breath life into with expectional skill and with all of nature's wonder. Lulaz gift boxes are such tresures. There is Little mix box with 3 products and Big mix box with 5 products which you can select from our selection.

Whom tested my products

Lavender honey is a real gourmet delicacy for me. Lavender flavor is pleasantly intense when added to tea. Not just for cold days - but for me especially those days - honey tea is a great companion to a good book.

Edit Szabó

Honey with walnut and lavender proved to be the perfect snack for a health conscious diet. Work is also better afterward. I am sure i will taste the other flavors as well.

Helga Baksa

Lulaz lavender syrup is not a simple craft product.Not everyone can appreciate it, but anyone who has a taste for it can experiment with its many uses. I used it as a base for making cocktails.

Balázs Magyar

.The maroccan mint honey is amazing! I totally love it. The design is exeptional. We received from Zsuzsi the gift box. The restaurant already used LuLaZ syrup for some cakes we made. Our Chef recomends it alao with Rose wine in summer time.

Szabolcs Wimme (Anno Taverna – restaurant manager)

The products are very special and extremely tasty, we had tested the products in our department.

Zsófia Deák (Keskeny Nyomda)