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Never satisfied with good enough…

I always aim to find pure and simple solutions in every product I use myself, let it be food products or beauty care. I’ve had this consistent approach since I was a child, having learned from my parents, whom worked as a chemist. They have shown me what makes a product top quality and of high value. This led me to my own approach of never settle with a relatively good solution, always try to find the best product, in every field.

I only buy products from brands that I can be certain are working with only high quality ingredients, and the products are made with care.
And I’m manufacturing my own product range under the “Lulaz” label with this consistent approach as well, top quality and diligence.
I solely use a small number of ingredients, with strict quality control applied, and sourced from organic farming, when possible.


How I got my first 100 Lavender plants

I’ve been working for multinationals since the age of 20. Being promoted to a senior executive position at a young age, with lots of travelling involved, and working 10-12 hours a day. A few years ago I started to notice that it is more and more difficult for me to spend my days at the office, in front of my computer. I tried to do some sports, but it was not much helpful. I had the urge for something more, to take me to a new level, to calm my mind, and to bring more balance and harmony into my life.

Staying outdoors and an active lifestyle was always part of my life. I had a large garden, so I thought why not use it and start gardening. I wanted to plant something that is resistant to all weather conditions, looks good all around the year by our house, and I could even utilise the flowers. So I got my first 100 Lavender plants.

My grandma’s heritage

I used the first season’s Lavender harvest to press oils. But later on I got so much flowers, that I needed to look for new ideas, how to utilise them all. I liked the idea of making syrup, as it reminded me of my sweet grandma. Grandma had the habit of using all ingredients found around the house for good purposes, never wasted a thing. She made marmalade, yoghurt, syrup and even ice cream at home, which I can never forget. She has shown me that only food we prepare ourselves are made with the level of care and purity, which is safe for my family to enjoy.


How Lulaz was born

The syrup I made has become quickly popular with my friends, I gave them all away, before I made them even, as it was so much liked. This has brought me to the point to realise that I can make a living out of my hobby.
I decided to become a small farmer, move the 100 Lavender plants I already planted to a new location, and plant another 1,500 of them. This period was really exciting and new, but also had its challenges, as it was really hard work suddenly, making me even more busy than before. I have learned humility and patience in this time period, and the idea of creating the brand “Lulaz” was born. I started to create the brand during the Summer of 2018, with strong support provided by my partner and my daughter’s artistic skills. I’ve started to make products with high care, using selected ingredients, and special attention to the details. I wanted to make products, which were good enough for my own family to consume.