How the Lulaz was born?

our story

I arrived at a stage in my life, when I needed new impulses to divert me from work, help me to calm my mind, and generally create more balance and harmony in my life. This is when I discovered nature, and I started to grow Lavender. I used the flowers to make syrup, which has become quite popular in my own group of friends. This then led to a turning point in my life, when my brand “Lulaz” was born.

The Art of Lavender

Premium quality Lavender products

Good enough has never satisfied me, I always strive for excellence. I produce all of my “Lulaz” products keeping this in mind, with the highest care and purity. I solely use a limited number of top quality ingredients, with strict quality control applied, and sourced from organic farming, when possible.

Whom tested my products

Lavender honey is a real gourmet delicacy for me. Lavender flavor is pleasantly intense when added to tea. Not just for cold days - but for me especially those days - honey tea is a great companion to a good book.

Edit Szabó

Honey with walnut and lavender proved to be the perfect snack for a health conscious diet. Work is also better afterward. I am sure i will taste the other flavors as well.

Helga Baksa

Lulaz lavender syrup is not a simple craft product.Not everyone can appreciate it, but anyone who has a taste for it can experiment with its many uses. I used it as a base for making cocktails.

Balázs Magyar